Do we have innovation in public sector!
(yes, we do)

Helsinki Region Infoshare was awarded for innovation by The European Commission. The days when words public administration and innovation seemed irrevocably incompatible are most definitely over. It's not uncommon to meet people with passion and genuine enthusiasm working in the very institutions that make our everyday happen. The fruits of their labour are ones that can be enjoyed by everyone and this award shows the efforts are internationally recognized.

HRI has also been awarded the Mayor's Achievement of the Year Award by the Mayor of Helsinki, Jussi Pajunen.

Our role was to plan and produce the web service for the HRI so we got a real close up of the whole project. HRI now provides more than 1000 different data sources and, among other things, is home to the most complete open data app gallery in Finland.

European Prize for Innovation in Public Administration


HRI's app gallery (in Finnish)

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